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NEW – 100% biobased flexibilizers for the biopolymer PLA

As an expansion of its plasticizer portfolio, EMERY Oleochemicals presents MC 2192 as the first polymeric plasticizer for PLA made entirely from natural raw materials. Using this biobased flexibilizer not only controls the brittleness of PLA, but also fully preserves the biobased character. 

In its article “Biobased flexibilisers for PLA” published in the February 2021 edition of bioplastics MAGAZINE, EMERY Oleochemicals shows that MC 2192 has similar, if not better, flexibilizing properties than conventional plasticizers. Conventional plasticizers in this context include glycerin, triacetin (glycerin triacetate), ESBO (epoxidized soybean oil), ATBC (acetyl tributyl citrate), and PBAT (polybutylene adipate terephthalate), which are either not of 100% natural origin or count among the monomeric plasticizers.

See the linked article for detailed information on the experimental setup and complete testing of the mechanical properties of all flexibilized PLA mixtures.

MC 2192 is a polymeric plasticizer based 100 % on renewable raw materials. It is perfectly suitable for the use in bioplastics such as PLA, PHA or blends thereof. MC 2192 can be used in conventional processing steps, for example extrusion, injection molding or blowing.

PLA or PLA/PHA blends are rather brittle materials. When MC 2192 is used as a primary plasticizer in these polymer blends, it improves the handling properties such as the elasticity. In PLA, MC 2192 provides a much better elasticity (elongation at break) compared with a polyadipate plasticizer with similar viscosity. At the same dosage in PLA/PHA blends, the migration properties are similar or even better compared with a standard polymeric plasticizer.

AppearanceAcid numberRefractive index (20 °C)Viscosity (20 °C)
Slightly yellow liquid0 – 2.0 mg KOH/g1.4612-1.46254000-6000 mPa·s

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Polymeric plasticizer for PLA made entirely from natural raw materials