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Biodegradable oils: Oligomers and Polymers from Green Frix

Our Belgian partner Green Frix S. A. is an expert for plasma-based crosslinking of vegetable oils. The treatment with plasma creates reactive centres in the fatty acid molecules of the natural oils, making them able to react with one another and become crosslinked. By targetedly choosing the parameters (type, intensity, and duration of the plasma treatment), Green Frix can achieve any desired properties. Thus, oligomers can be produced with defined viscosities in the range from 68 to 6,000 mm²/s. Various level of shear-thinning behaviour complete the set of performances of Green Frix products. In addition, it is possible to introduce new functional or even reactive groups, such as hydroxy or phosphate groups. Green Frix is continually expanding its portfolio, and makes development products at customer request.

The oils and oligomers are already being used successfully in the following applications:

  • Lubricants
  • Greases (high-viscosity)
  • Automotive
  • Fuels
  • Cosmetics 
  • Food-safe lubricants
  • Watches

The table below shows the Fadol series, listed by viscosity of the products. You can find out more about other physicochemical properties and details on NSF and LuSC listing in the linked overview.

Product nameKinematic viscosity at 40 °C (mm²/s)Viscosity indexBio-degradability (OECD 301 B)Non-Newtonian behaviour
Fadol 6861.2 - 74.8>200>60%Nein
Fadol 10090.0 - 110>200>60%Nein
Fadol 220198 - 242>210>60%Nein
Fadol 320288 - 352>210>60%Nein
Fadol 500450 – 550>215>60%Nein
Fadol 800720 – 880240<…<280>60%Ja
Fadol 1000900 – 1100240<…<290>60%Ja
Fadol 15001350 – 1650270<…<310>60%Ja
Fadol 20001800 – 2200280<…<330>60%Ja
Fadol 23002070 – 2530280<…<340>60%Ja
Fadol 30002700 – 3300300<…<360>60%Ja
Fadol 60005400 - 6600>350>60%Ja

With the growing importance of sustainable raw materials and increasing regulatory challenges, these natural oils and oligomers offer a particular advantage for their biodegradability of at least 60%.

We are glad to help if you would like to request any samples.

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