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Performance Chemicals


From smart additives to smart powder coatings

Inhibispheres are corrosion inhibitors. But what makes these products so innovative? The corrosion inhibitors are encapsulated in a porous silica matrix, and become activated by a rupture of the coating or by water in the film. This means the contents can diffuse quickly and efficiently to the corrosion site. 

Encapsulation enables the use of inhibitors that would normally destabilize the end product.
This novel system has many different advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly and non-toxic
  • Significantly less active content required (10–30 times less) 
  • Requires no additional labelling on the final product 
  • Metal-free, purely organic inhibitors available
  • Little to no impact on gloss (direct-to-metal)
  • No negative impact on product properties like adhesion, appearance or chemical resistance

The following types are available:

Release rateAluminium ProtectionSteel ProtectionMatrixSize
Fastinhibispheres®-Binhibispheres®-ZSSilica<20 μm
Mediumceramisphere®-Hinhibispheres®-ZBHybrid Silica-0.5 μm
Slowinhibispheres®-Minhibispheres®-A & MHybrid Silica-0.5 μm

Read the article for more interesting details about the company Ceramisphere and its innovative Inhibispheres®.

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