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New labelling requirements for in-can preservation as of 1 March 2022

The 15th revision of the ATP was published in August 2020 and will enter into force in March 2022 after an 18-month transition period.

The new ATP places certain substances at certain application concentrations under the H317 label. Consequences of this could be exclusion from Ecolabel or classification as a hazardous product. Such a classification could effectively force an existing product off the DIY market, for example.

One way to avoid such consequences is to replace the biocides in question. Lanxess already offers various products that are free from any of the active ingredients concerned:

Product and active ingredientsInformationAdvantages
Preventol DBC
Suitable for products with a high percentage of BIT from the raw materials
  • No CMR ingredients
  • No H317 label
  • Ecolabel possible at very low dosages
Preventol BIT IT
Ecolabel possible
  • No CMR ingredients
  • No H317 label
  • Excellent efficiency at low concentrations
Biochek 410
Broad spectrum of activity
  • No CMR ingredients
  • No H317 label
  • Specifically suitable for adhesives
Biochek 722
(DBDCB, Bronopol)
No isothiazolinones
  • No CMR ingredients
  • No H317 label
Preventol P91 / P301
Rapid effect
  • No CMR ingredients
  • No H317 label

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