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Preventol® MP 700 – dry-film fungicide for solvent-borne coatings

Many solvent-borne paints need reliable preservation of the dry film in order to prevent them from being attacked by surface mould. This is especially the case when they are used to coat wooden surfaces or other complex materials.

Choosing the right biocide, despite the ever-tightening regulations (BPR EU 528/2012 and CLP EC 1272/2008) is therefore a major challenge. Many active ingredients have already become less available, while others have been restricted in their use. This could still be the fate of even more active ingredients.

In light of these regulations, the active ingredient IPBC has quickly become a core biocide in the European paint and lacquer market, since there is no negative labelling for the amount required to ensure effective protection. However, in the presence of metal ions introduced by siccatives or pigments, IPBC tends to degrade and therefore must be chemically stabilized in solvent-borne systems. This is where the abovementioned innovative stabilization system in Preventol® MP 700 comes into play, guaranteeing long-term protection.

Solvent-borne, pigmented Stain with dryer, stored at 40 °C

In addition to stabilizing the active ingredient, Preventol® MP 700 offers many more advantages:

  • Improves stability in combination with siccatives and pigments
  • Does not require negative labelling of the end product
  • Lends crystallization stability
  • Offers excellent efficiency against moulds and blue stain

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Dry-film fungicide for solvent-borne coatings