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Silanes in Coatings & Inks

Silanes can be used flexibly and effectively in many application areas. This report reveals how silanes can be used in the Coatings & Inks segment, and what advantages they bring with them.

In coatings and inks, silanes are preferably used as crosslinkers, adhesion promoter, coupling reagents, or dispersing agents. The functional group (FG) on the head end of the silane is selected for its ability to react with the resin or plastic. The FG can be, for example, an amino, epoxy, methacryloxy, or vinyl group. In a first step, the molecule end around the silane group hydrolyses with moisture from the air. This is followed by a second reaction, which is condensation. In this step, several silanols either bond together with each other to form a three-dimensional network (see crosslinkers) or undergo condensation with the filler or substrate to be coated (see the other three functions). In the latter case, they form a two-dimensional network.

Below are the modes of action and advantages for each function:


  • Create a new network structure in the polymer
  • Increase strength and hardness
  • Increase the life span of the product
  • Increase temperature resistance
  • Increase scrub and scratch resistance

Adhesion promoter

  • Improve adhesive performance between the resin and substrate
  • Enhance corrosion resistance
  • Avoid corrosion propagation from cracks

Coupling reagents

  • Combine the filler and resin into one system


  • Optimize the strength of composite materials
  • Allow an increase in filler content
  • Improve dispersion of the filler in the resin


Our product recommendations for coatings & inks:

FunctionWhen to addRecommended products
CrosslinkersAdd to polymerizationLT-151* / LT-171 / LT-570
Add afterwardsLT-560 / LT-563*
Adhesion modifiers LT-540 / LT-550 / LT-560 / LT-563* / LT-792
Coupling reagents/ dispersantsAdd to polymerizationLT-540 / LT-550 / LT-560 / LT-563* / LT-792
Add afterwards

*Currently no REACH.


ProductChemical compositionCAS
LT-563γ- (2,3-Epoxypropoxy)propylmethyldiethoxysilane2897-60-1


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