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Silsan® – the silicone hydrophobicity additives from Graf Chemicals

Reducing water absorption of water-based coatings.

The capillary-action water absorption of water-based coating systems on facades presents a major challenge. Water penetrating into the deep layers favours the growth of algae and mould and damages the building structure. Furthermore, it reduces the insulating action of the material, leading to higher heating costs.

The silicone hydrophobicity additives from our partner Graf Chemicals are products based on functional, modified polysiloxanes. The Silsan® additives coat the inner pore and capillary walls of the coating almost gaplessly, and thus increase the water-repelling action. Yet, the surface is not sealed, and thus remains open for diffusion.

The hydrophobicity additives are added to the water-based coating systems in the form of a liquid emulsion. Systems that are already good at repelling water are further improved by the addition of Silsan®.

The hydrophobic silicone polymers are incorporated permanently into the matrix of the surface coating and offer permanent, reliable protection that remains intact even in extreme weather conditions.

 Silsan® CC55Silsan® 1300Silsan® Perl 66Silsan® WDF
CompositionFunctional polysiloxaneFunctional polysiloxaneFunctional polysiloxane, water-freeFunctional polysiloxane, water-free
Hydrophobic actionHighVery highVery highVery high
Beading effectLowMediumVery strongStrong
SolventSolvent-freeSolvent-freeDearomatized hydrocarbonsSolvent-free

The scores in the table below show which Silsan® additives are good for which applications:
 ● possible / ●● suitable / ●●● ideal


 Silsan® CC55Silsan® 1300Silsan® Perl 66Silsan® WDF
Dispersion paints and plasters●●●●●●●●
Effect enhancers in silicone resin paints and plasters●●●●●
Dispersion silicate paints and plasters●●●●●●●●●
Pasty spackles, reinforcing compounds, and grouts●●●●●●●●

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The Silsan® additives coat the inner pore and capillary walls of the coating