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Innovations from our partner Cobiosa

We proudly present you the new active ingredients from our partner Cobiosa:

  • Chia Protect – healthy and full hair
  • Cobiolift – long-lasting moisture and tightening
  • Bio-Capigen VEG – the botanical alternative to animal keratin
  • Cobio-αHA – synergetic complex of alpha hydroxy acid

Chia Protect – healthy and full hair

Chiaprotect is an active vegetable oil that is obtained by cold pressing from the Mexican flowering plant Chia (Salvia hispanica). The valuable oil is omega-3 rich (63%) and has a positive influence on hair growth. Worked into hair care products, it nurtures and nourishes the hair follicle, thereby stimulating growth. Chiaprotect furthermore repairs the “hair barrier”, preventing hair breakage and splitting. Chiaprotect also supports the hair fibre against oxidative damage caused by solar radiation and forms a protective film to prevent the protein loss and colour bleaching of hair caused by UV exposure. 

Cobiolift – long-lasting moisture and tightening

The innovative active ingredient Cobiolift has remarkable film-forming, moisturizing and tightening properties. The 100% natural active is a pure fraction extracted from quinoa seeds and has a 3D structure perfectly matching the skin’s surface. Cobiolift rests like a natural, cohesive film on the skin, where it tightens, smoothes and makes the skin radiant over a long time. Various in-vivo studies confirm the immediate, the long-lasting, the tightening and the moisturizing properties of Cobiolift. 

Bio Capigen VEG – the botanical alternative to animal keratin

The biotechnologically produced complex of natural origin acts against hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Biocapigen-Veg is a mixture of hydrolyzed soy protein, red onion and ginseng extract and contains B group vitamins, sulfopeptides, glucose and amino acids. Alongside its anti-hair-loss action and promotion of hair growth, Biocapigen-Veg makes the hair look cultivated, reduces dandruff and regulates sebum production of the scalp. 

Cobio-αHA – synergetic complex of alpha hydroxy acid

Cobio-HA is a synergetic complex of alpha hydroxy acid combined with the moisturizing active ingredients urea and oligosaccharides, the main components of natural moisturizing factor (NMF). The alpha hydroxy acid in Cobio-HA has been partially neutralized in order to reduce intolerant reactions. Cobio-HA moisturizes, improves the skin tone, activates skin regeneration of the upper skin layers and reinforces the natural skin barrier. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Phone 043 499 25 00, Business Unit Care & Oleochemicals. 

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