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Methacrylates for diverse applications

A large selection of hydroxy methacrylates from GEO Specialty Chemicals.

GEO Specialty Chemicals is a globally operating special chemicals company with offices in Hythe, in the south of England. Our long-standing supply partner is renowned for its innovative power, efficient production sites and extensive product range. In addition to the standard products listed below, GEO SC also meets customers’ needs for customised solutions. 

  • Polyalkylene glycols
    • Base oils for lubricants (EO/PO and PO random copolymers)
    • Antifoams (EO/PO block copolymers)
    • Allyl PAGs with or without capping
  • Diverse polyethers and polyesters
  • Specialties such as DMPA and trimethylolethane
  • Methacrylates
    • Monofunctional monomers
    • Difunctional monomers
    • Hydroxy monomers

The methacrylates from GEO SC are conceived for a broad range of applications from resins to adhesives and coatings. For applications that require especially high purity, there are also monomers with extra-low inhibitor content (MEHQ, hydroquinone monomethyl ether).

In the table below, you will find our selection of hydroxy monomers including certain properties and advantages. All other methacrylates and intermediates can be found in the linked brochure.

Hydroxy MonomersCASDescriptionFeatures
Bisomer® HEMA    868-77-9Hydroxyethyl MA    Hydrophilic hydroxy based cross-linker
Bisomer® HEMA CSG868-77-9Hydroxyethyl MALow MEHQ value for high purity applications
Bisomer® HPMA27813-02-1Hydroxypropyl MAHydrophobic hydroxy based cross-linker
Bisomer® HPMA LI*27813-02-1Hydroxypropyl MALow MEHQ value for high purity applications
Bisomer® PEA6   26403-58-7PEG (6) monoacrylateHydrophilic, plasticizing, low shrinkage
Bisomer® PPA6650858-51-0PPG (6) monoacrylateHydrophobic, plasticizing, low shrinkage
Bisomer® PEM6 LD  25736-86-1PEG (6) mono MAHydrophilic, non-toxic, plasticizing properties
Bisomer® PPM5 LI39420-45-6    PPG (5) mono MAHydrophobic, non-toxic, plasticizing properties
Bisomer® PEM63P HD58916-75-9PPPG mono MAHydrophobic/-philic balance, plasticizing properties

*Development product

MA =  Methacrylat, PEG = Polyethylenglycol, PPG = Polypropylenglycol

We are at your disposal for questions and sample requests.

Large selection of Hydroxy-Methacrylates fromvGEO Specialty Chemicals