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New NATRUE Raw Material Database

In February 2020 NATRUE announced the finalization of a two years project initiated by BASF supporting a simplified route to raw material selection: the Approved raw materials database. 

76 BASF ingredients are already available in the NATRUE raw material database following our cooperation with EcoControl, our NAC (NATRUE Accredited Certifier).  BASF is largest contributor to this database to date.  

This is a big step forward compared to the previous process of submitting raw material questionnaires and additional documentation to all NATRUE certifiers. From now on, certifiers and customers will have access to that database under “Approved raw materials” on the public NATRUE website. Therefore, submission of individual documents or approval confirmations to certifiers will no longer be necessary.   

Link to database

BASF has updated its NATRUE-Overview (Link to PDF) with all approved ingredients including the partition of natural and derived natural components which is a basis for the required calculations on the final products. 

The updated presentation with the guideline and formulations according to the raw material evaluation of our ingredients is available. The NATRUE Standard was modified in some parts last year and major changes include the required share of natural/natural derived ingredients. This updated presentation is available upon request.

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