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Occupational safety & health protection!

ECO SWISS industry solution

For IMPAG, occupational safety and health protection are of utmost importance. This applies on the one hand to our new logistics centre in Rothrist, but of course also to our headquarters in Zurich.

With the aim of implementing ASA requirements in everyday life in accordance with the law and to improve work safety and health protection, IMPAG AG has decided to join the EKAS industry solution from ECO SWISS. ASA is the abbreviation (German) for "consultation of occupational physicians and other specialists in occupational safety". Further explanation see in the box below.

Through the combination of valuable tools, a network of experts and the exchange of experience, we can measure ourselves against a standard and continuously improve.

In addition, obtaining information on current developments in this area is efficient and easy via ECO SWISS. We are also convinced that we can benefit from the practical training courses.

As part of the joining process, IMPAG AG was audited at the end of 2020 by an ASA specialist of the ECO SWISS "Work safety and health protection" unit. 

We are pleased to have successfully passed the audit and will continue our commitment to safe and “healthy” workplaces.

ASA summarises the most important requirements in the field of occupational safety and health protection into a manageable safety system.

For the employer and the safety specialists, this system is a practical instrument for assuming their responsibility and continuously improving safety and health in the company.

First and foremost is the employer's commitment to safe and healthy workplaces and the will to put the ASA requirements into practice in everyday work.

Source content in box: ekas.ch

For us, occupational safety and health protection are of utmost importance