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Warehouse project

Expansion of our warehouse in Rothrist – expands our range and our possibilities

In times when outsourcing processes is the norm, we are turning the tables and declaring the process of warehousing as one of our core competencies. Acknowledging our role as a distributor and keeping the distribution responsibility in our hands, we have doubled our storage space in Rothrist.

This way, we give our customers the possibility to obtain our raw materials on demand from our warehouse, thus allowing shortest possible lead times and guaranteeing high security of supply. Being located on the Giezendanner Site, we also have the perfect prerequisites for inland transportation: trucks don’t have to travel long distances and orders can be placed at relatively short notice.

Our Chemicals business unit has been modernized with a state-of-the-art tank farm for acids and bases, in order to meet the high demands on employee safety and environmental protection. A mixing tank is newly available for producing customer-specific dilutions. The brand-new filling system can automatically fill containers ranging from canisters and drums up to IBCs. 

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