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Whipping agents and fat powders

Whipping agents and functional fat powders have become indispensable in the food industry. They are used in many of the products we know best. 

Whipping agents are systems produced in a technologically elaborate process from powdered fats. They help to whip cakes, desserts and ice creams into a nice and airy consistency for making products that are attractive to consumers.

Fat powders, themselves, are often used in widely consumed products like sauces, shakes or instant coffee applications. They help to make products creamier and improve the overall mouthfeel.  

Both product groups count as highly functional ingredients. Historically, they often contain E-numbers and other ingredients that modern consumers are more sceptical about. 

The team from our Business Unit Nutrition & Health supports you with product variants that better meet today’s requirements and market demand.

We have whipping agents and fat powders in our range that are clean label, vegan and / or palm free.

We will gladly help you with your specific application.

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Whipping agents and fat powders for cakes