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Methacrylates for diverse applications

Large selection of Hydroxy-Methacrylates fromvGEO Specialty Chemicals

A large selection of hydroxy methacrylates from GEO Specialty Chemicals.


IMPAG is one of the LEADING EMPLOYERS Switzerland 2021!

This means we are officially among the TOP 1% of Swiss employers.


New online product overviews

 Product lists that are available online are simply convenient.

New online product overviews are available for Basic Chemicals, Performacne Chemicals and Food Raw Materials!


Catalogue Basic Chemicals 2021

Catalogue Basic Chemicals

Our product catalog of the Industrial Chemicals division has been updated.


Castor Oils from Alberdingk Boley

New product overview with our current range.


Successful ISO14001 certification

ISO14001: Successful ISO14001 certification 

The IMPAG Group is pleased to announce the successful certification according to the environmental management standard…


Chemical products – Webshop for small volumes

Webshop for small volumes of chemical products

Are you looking for industrial chemicals in small quantities? In our online shop you will find acids and alkalis in…


Expanded product range of inorganic colour pigments

Inorganic colour pigments available at IMPAG AG

Along with our expanded range, we have now brought out a new product flyer.


IMPAG Group expands business with the acquisition of INNOVAFOOD

Innovafood becomes part of IMPAG Group

We are now present on the Spanish market with the acquisition of INNOVAFOOD.


Webinar swimming pools

IMPAG führte ein Webinar für die Schwimmbadverantwortlichen durch

A successful webinar in the swimming pool area for our customers took place.


NEW – RIASORB UV-405 (CAS 137658-79-8)

UV absorber RIASORB UV-405 from Rianlon

Rianlon expands its portfolio with the UV absorber RIASORB UV-405.


Biochek becomes Preventol – name changes for biocides from LANXESS MPP

Name changes for biocides from Lanxess MPP

Many of the DBDCB-based biocides are now marketed under the brand Preventol®.


Sodium hypochlorite solution: Now also approved for "drinking water disinfection"

Our raw materials are approved for drinking water disinfection.

Extended FOPH (Federal Office of Public Health) approval for sodium hypochlorite solution 13/14 % (Javel water)


IMPAG and Rianlon – your partners for effective light stabilizers

Antioxidants and light stabilizers (UV absorbers, HALS)

Rianlon is one of the largest producers of antioxidants and light stabilizers (UV absorbers, HALS).


Occupational safety & health protection!

For us, occupational safety and health protection are of utmost importance

ECO SWISS industry solution. IMPAG successfully audited. 


New neutralisation and reduction installation

Water protection

According to the current state of the art!


The new chemworld 2020 is now available!

All about protection & sustainability

Our new chemworld 2020 is themed all around Protection & Sustainability.


New version of the Performance Chemicals Europe Product Overview

Our product range of Performance Chemicals for the European Market.

Internationally available range of monomers, intermediates, additives, solvents, and other product groups.


AAEM for acrylic resins and acrylate emulsions

Methacrylate monomers

A range of methacrylate monomers for end products with high solid content, low VOC content.


GEO Specialty Chemicals further expands its portfolio of allyl polyethers

portfolio of allyl polyethers

In addition to another allyl polyalkylene glycol with a free OH group (AA 43 1600H), GEO SC has commercialized its first…


Titanium dioxide: INEOS Pigments is new IMPAG Partner

Titanium dioxide from INEOS Pigments at IMPAG

Distribution of Titanium dioxide in Switerland and Liechtenstein 


Are you currently looking for active ingredients to produce disinfectants?

Disinfectants: raw material for production

Active ingredients for disinfectant production available at IMPAG.


Allyl Polyalkylene Glycols – GEO Specialty Chemicals expands its product portfolio

GEO Specialty Chemicals expands its product portfolio

Our partner GEO SC is continually expanding its range of Bisomer Allyl PAGs.


MIT-free cleaning agents

MIT-free cleaning agents

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) will be subject to new labelling requirements.


Updated plasticizer catalogue

Plasticizer available at IMPAG AG

IMPAG has plasticizers for diverse applications in its range.