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K-Beauty – Part 4: The “Chok Chok” effect and success of the cushion



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The K-Beauty world has a flair for creating unique terms to describe a covetable complexion. Perhaps the most famous of these is the "Chok Chok" effect. "Chok Chok" pretty much describes the way the skin looks after a SPA treatment: clean, dewy-fresh, intensely hydrated, and plump.

In this 4th and final part of our K-Beauty blog series we will explain the elegance behind this trend and, once you know the secrets, we are quite convinced you will be motivated to develop your own K-Beauty-inspired care products to achieve the "Chok Chok" effect. We will then finish the series with a quick glance at the successful cushion technology.

Korean ladies invest a great deal of time into maintaining that healthy, plump, youthful and radiant look to their skin. This striving for ageless, radiant - even luminous - skin is reflected the advertising claims of the K-Beauty products. One is hard pressed to find a product that isn't promoted as a Glow Enhancer, Radiance Booster, Skin Tone Evener, Luminosity Creator, or some such imparter of incandescence.

Everything revolves around hydrating the skin. If asked, most if not all Korean consumers would tell you, with absolute conviction, that the key to a healthy, natural and radiant complexion is well-moisturized skin. It is the combination of these two care concepts (glow and hydration) that is embodied in the Korean "Chok Chok".

So, if you wish to develop a cosmetic that achieves a Chok Chok effect, your must create a care product that performs these all-important actions:


Effective, moisturizing care is the open secret among Korean consumers to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin.


Glowing, fresh and still perfectly natural! A beautiful glow is the alpha and omega for Korean consumers. They will look specifically for formulas made from clever ingredients that naturally conceal, create a pleasant texture, and produce optical effects that are immediately visible.

Radiance, illuminescence and evenness

An even complexion is a universal beauty ideal - and this fact is reflected just as much in the Western cosmetics industry as in the Eastern. Products that can improve the skin's condition and create an even, radiant complexion are in greater worldwide demand than ever.

Whitening and Brightening

Pale, radiant skin is considered the ideal in the Asiatic region. A pale skin tone is considered distinguished and is associated with a noble heritage. Most Westerners, on the other hand, will only reach for a skin-lightening product when they want to even out their complexion, to attain an unblemished look free of pigmentations, freckles, reddening or visible capillaries.

The success of cushion

Alongside the ubiquitous "Chok Chok" claim, a wave of new multifunctional products with special textures designed to shorten the care routine and impart special sensory properties is capturing a growing share of the Korean cosmetics market.

While our infatuation with BB, CC and DD creams continues largely unchanged in the West, the Koreans long ago developed an entirely new system for primers and foundation: Amore Pacific, the largest globally successful Korean toll manufacturer, introduced the first product based on cushion technology as far back as 2008. And cushion products have been selling stronger each year ever since.

How does a cushion work?

Application is clean and targeted. The major success of the cushion is inspiring more brands to ride this wave. Cushions are already available as BB creams, CC creams, sunblocks or even blushes.

Koreans are in love with multifunctional products, and this is clearly one of the reasons for the enormous popularity and success of the cushion.


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