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Performance Chemicals

When it comes to performance chemicals, we are able to provide expert technical advice to our customers and supply raw materials and additives which enable processes and products to be optimized, from both the functional and financial points of view.

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Performance Chemicals

Beat Windler
Räffelstrasse 12
8045 Zürich, Switzerland

We strongly value the cooperative relationships we have with our suppliers.

Alberdingk Boley GmbH, Germany

Alberdingk Boley GmbH
  • Linseed oils
  • Linseed oil derivatives
  • Molecular sieve pastes
  • Castor oils
  • Castor oil derivatives
  • Thixotropic Agents
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Alberdingk founded the "Deutsche Rizinus-Oelfabrik GmbH" in 1933. Until recently, they have pressed castor seeds in their own factory - Europe's only oil mill. Today Alberdingk focus on refining castor oil for technical and pharmaceutical purposes and on research in this promising field.

eChem, Great Britain

  • Coalescents
  • Defoamers
  • PEG esters
  • Softeners
  • Wetting and dispersing agents
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  • Mineral oil replacements for inks
  • PEG ester surfactants
  • Plasticisers
  • Wetting and dispersing agents
  • Wax dispersions for slip, anti-mar and waterproofing

eChem is specialized in performance chemicals that solve process problems or enhance the properties of technical products in industries such as plastics, surface coatings, synthetic rubbers and preformed concrete, using key technologies including metal soap dispersions, esters, surface active agents and defoamers.

Emery Oleochemicals, Worldwide

Emery Oleochemicals
  • Lubricants
  • Release Agents
  • Special Plasticizers & 
  • Viscosity Regulators
  • Antistatic Agents
  • Antifogging Agemts
  • Antiblocking Agents
  • Polymer Building Blocks
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The First Choice in Sustainable Polymer Additives Offers High Performance & a “Greener” Alternative

Emery Oleochemicals manufactures high value, renewable polymer additive solutions that offer excellent technical performance. Our Green Polymer Additives product portfolio includes lubricants, plasticizers and viscosity depressants, antistatic and antifogging agents, release agents and surfactants made from sustainable materials that are formulated to optimize production and improve efficiency. Our LOXIOL, EDENOL and EMEROX brands stand for high quality and reliable products for the plastics industry. 

Emsland Group, Germany

  • Native Starches
  • Modified starch derivatestry
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The Emsland Group is an internationally orientated medium-sized company that manufactures innovative products on the basis of vegetable raw materials for the processing industry. These are besides the traditional starch production special derivatives as well as high-quality performance products based on potatoes for the food sector and technical applications.

GEO Specialty Chemicals, United Kingdom

GEO Specialty Chemicals
  • Amine activators / Accelerators
  • Diallyl phthalates
  • Methacrylates
  • Multifunctional additives
  • Polyols
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GEO Specialty Chemicals, Inc., a privately owned company founded in 1993, is a leading producer of specialty chemicals, targeting niche markets. The Company has four divisions, which include Water Treatment, Paints & Coatings, Specialty & Construction and Consumer Additives, and operates eighteen manufacturing facilities

Goonvean Fibres, Great Britain

Goonvean Fibres
  • Technical fibres
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Goonvean is one of the largest European manufacturers of technical fibres. The company offers precisely cut, short synthetic fibres as well as natural and synthetic flakes in random cut.

Read more: Goonvean fibres for better coating properties

Graf & Co., Germany

Graf & Co
  • Defoamers
  • Hydrophobing additives
  • Impregnation agents for natural and artificial stones
  • Wetting agents and dispersants
  • Paraffin emulsions
  • Silicone hydrophobing creams
  • Silicone hydrophobing powders
  • Silicone resin binders
  • Silicone impregnating and primers
  • Specialties
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Graf & Co. GmbH is active in the construction and textile chemistry. The company's strength lies in its inter-divisional, creative product development process. This and the constant dialogue with customers enable innovative and efficient products.

Hofmann Mineral, Germany

Hoffmann Mineral
  • Neuburg Silicious Earth
  • Neuburg Silicious Earth, calcinated
  • Silica gel
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Hoffmann Mineral is specialized for mining and upgrading of a special raw material: Neuburg Siliceous Earth (Neuburger Kieselerde), today mainly known under the trade name of SILLITIN, in previous times also called "Kieselkreide" (Siliceous Chalk), "Kieselsaure Kreide" (Silicic Chalk), "Neuburger Weiss" (Neuburg Whiting) or "Neuburger Kieselweiss" (Neuburg Siliceous Whiting).

IGM, Resins, Netherlands & USA

IGM Resins
  • Acrylates
  • Additives
  • Cationic products
  • Photoinitiators
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IGM Resins is recognized globally as a specialist in the development, production and supply of products and technical services to the radiation curing industry.

IMPABOOST, Switzerland


Biocide Boosters

  • Liquid versions
  • Powder
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The biocide boosters were developed by IMPAG in close cooperation with a microbiological institute. Impaboost improves preservation and at the same time reduces the amount of biocide to be used in the system.

INEOS Pigments, USA

  • Titanium dioxides for Coatings
  • Titanium dioxides for Plastics
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INEOS Pigments is one of the largest titanium dioxide producer in North America and the leading manufacturer of titanium chemicals. 

LANXESS, Germany

Bicodies for the Coatings Industry
  • Biocides
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LANXESS Material Protection Products (MPP) is a leading producer of biocides, which are established worldwide under the brand Preventol® Biocheck und Metasol.

Reagens S.p.A., Italy & Germany

Reagens S
  • PVC stabilizers
  • Stabilizer compounds
  • Cleaning mixtures
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Reagens is a world leading manufacturer of PVC stabilizers.

Solenis, Global


Products for the pulp and paper industry like:

  • Calcium Stearates
  • Conditioning Agents
  • Defoamer/Deaerators
  • Deinking  Collectors
  • Dispersants
  • Dry strength additives
  • Lubricants
  • Retention Agent
  • Stickies Control
  • Wet strength additives
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Solenis has been a producer and supplier of advanced chemical solutions for the pulp and paper industry, in the segments pulping, paper coating, paper making and recycling.

SUNJIN Chemical, Korea

  • Matting and structuring agents
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Our South-Korean partner Sunjin offers texturing agents for water-based and solvent-based coatings.

Synthecoat, Spain

  • Acrylate Dispersions
  • PU Systems
  • PU-Prepolymers
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The Synthecoat’s product range includes resins and curing agents for water and solvent based systems, widely used in industrial & wood varnishes, road marking and architectural paints, adhesives, floorings, binders for cork, rubber and stone, as well as many other industrial applications. The versatility of Synthecoat’s production facilities and the flexibility of its internal processes enables them to meet the needs of an increasingly innovative and competitive market.

Ceramisphere, Australia

Corrosion inhibitors
  • Corrosion inhibitors
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Under the trade name Inhibispheres®, the Australian company Ceramisphere produces submicro-sized ceramic particles that can lend specific functionalities to classic coating formulations. Active materials, such as corrosion inhibitors, are introduced into the "Smart Particles", which can then simply be mixed into a coating formulation. The particles are mechanically resistant and do not impair the mechanical properties of the coating.

HOBUM Oleochemicals GmbH

HOBUM Oleochemicals GmbH
  • Adduct hardener
  • Polyaminoamide hardener
  • Epoxidized ester
  • Epoxidized oils
  • Polyols

Rianlon Corporation, China

Rianlon Additives
  • Primary Antioxidants
  • Secondary Antioxidants
  • UV Absorber
  • HALS
  • U-packs
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Rianlon is a major solution provider of anti-aging additives and application technologies for polymer materials. The product portfolio includes antioxidants (RIANOX), light stabilizers (RIASORB) and U-pack which is customized blending formulation to provide one-stop anti-aging solution. Rianlon has five production sites and thus offers a high level of supply security.

Velsicol Chemical LLC, USA

  • Flame Retardant
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Our american partner Velsicol is a leading producer of flame retardants. Pyrovex is a highly effective, chlorine-containing retardant for polymer systems.