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Solution-oriented, sustainable and innovative! With focus on consumer trends and specific industrial needs, we supply you with high quality raw materials and actives for the personal care industry and advise you on how to use them.

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Patrick Gruber

Patrick Gruber

Head of Business Unit Personal Care

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Personal Care products

Personal Care products

Our active ingredients and functional raw materials are suitable for use in a wide variety of cosmetic products.

Focus topics

Get inspired by the latest innovations, trends and concepts in Personal Care.

Personal Care trend concepts

Trend concepts

In line with current trend themes, our IMPAG Lab develops innovative formulations as inspiration for modern cosmetics.

IMPAG Formulation Lab

Formulation Lab

Experience the IMPAG Application Technology Lab: limitless possibilities for innovative, natural and inspiring skincare products.

Instant Beauty – Fast-Action Solutions
Personal Care

Instant Beauty – Fast-Action Solutions

Ready meal delivery services, friend–to–friend payment services, AI... In our frenetically digitalized world, consumers expect their wishes to be instantly fulfilled. Beauty is no exception to this rule!

Looking for green alternatives?
Personal Care

Looking for green alternatives?

Check our alternatives to silicone oils and silicone elastomers, acrylate-based thickeners, scrub particles & film formers and to mineral oils and their derivatives!

Lab-Grown Raw Materials – Biotechnology in Personal Care
Personal Care

Lab-Grown Raw Materials – Biotechnology in Personal Care

Biotechnology offers the opportunity to develop science-based ingredients, while sourcing them without harming the environment. 

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Home Care and I&I: Preservation – Innovative and conventional solutions

Selecting the right preservative is always a challenge when developing new formulations, but also when reformulating existing ones.

Feeling Beauty

Feeling Beauty: Emotional textures and formats

Unique formulations with a special feel and innovative formats!

Modular Beauty

Modular Beauty - Make more out of your formulation!

Flexible formulation: 3 base formulations for 9 trendy Happy Beauty products!

Pushing the innovation culture within the company.

Promoting innovation culture: Big journeys start with small steps

After six months of intense innovation work we start with the realization of the selected concepts. More information on our career page.