We focus on health. Given our expertise, we provide customers from the pharmaceuticals industry with competent advice and supply them with highest quality pharmaceutical raw materials and actives.

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Delve into our technical and marketing reports on the latest products and applications for raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry.


Botanical extracts for Personal Care, Nutraceuticals and Pharma applications

IMPAG can help you to source botanical extracts suitable for your applications – based on your requirements. 


Vitamin D3 vegan

New source of vitamin D3 – suitable for vegetarians and vegans

IMPAG offers you a vitamin D3 derived from lichens – a symbiotic partnership between fungus and algae. 


MCT – Medium-chain triglycerides for pharmaceutical applications

MCTs contain fatty acids that have a chain length of 6–12 carbon atoms.


Octenidine dihydrochloride – improved production process

Octenidine dihydrochloride is a product with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activities.


New at IMPAG – pharmaceutical grade squalane

Squalane is a well-known product in the Cosmetic industry for protecting the skin against moisture loss and preventing oxidation of the skin’s natural oils. It creates a pleasant…


galenIQ™ (isomalt) makes medicine taste better!

  • galenIQ™ improves taste and mouthfeel in probiotic and pediatric medicine.
  • galenIQ™, water activity and probiotics stability.
  • galenIQ in different product forms


Isopropyl myristate (IPM) in pharmaceutical quality

Isopropyl myristate (IPM), an ester of myristic acid, is used as an oil component in pharmaceutical products. This emulsifier has moisturizing properties.


Isopropyl palmitate (IPP) in in Pharma quality

Isopropyl palmitate (IPP), a clear colourless liquid, is chemically an ester of isopropanol and palmitic acid. IPP is a Emulsifier, solvent, humectant and penetration enhancer.


Are you looking for triclosan in pharmaceutical and API quality?

Triclosan still enjoys widespread use in the pharmaceutical industry as a preservative and as an active antimicrobial ingredient.


Glycerin produced under GMP conditions by our partner KLK

Glycerin is used as an excipient in the pharmaceutical industry


Did you know that sugar is available in pharma quality?

Pharma-grade Sugar 
PharmSugar® is a trademark of Cristalco for dry and liquid formulations, using in nutrition, pharmaceuticals, and the manufacturing of medicines, parenteral…


Versatile stearin

Stearin is a mixture of fatty acids that mainly contains stearic acid and palmitic acid (PhEur).



Meet us at the Swiss Bad 2020!


The  trade exhibition “Swiss Bad” will take place as usual at the Hotel…

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GEO Specialty Chemicals further expands its portfolio of allyl polyethers

portfolio of allyl polyethers

In addition to another allyl polyalkylene glycol with a free OH group (AA 43…

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Lanxess Biozid Biochek 722 registered with BAG since 4 June 2020

Lanxess Biozid Biochek 722 registered

Biochek 722 is now available in Switzerland. The biocide is ideally suited to…

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Apprenticeship at IMPAG

We offer a sound, practical and varied basic training.

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Texture and feel – what makes us loyal to cosmetics

Touch, feel, smell – our sensory perceptions steer our attitudes and thus…

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Take a look at our new logistics centre!

IMPAG Warehouse

In the new video you get exciting insights.

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Rheology: The application as an experience

The rheological properties of cosmetics influence the user’s perception of a product

Effective, biodegradable substances can be used as environmentally friendly…

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Zero Waste: THE trend of the beauty industry

Trend in theP ersonal Care Industry

Beauty brands and manufacturers are under pressure to respond to the…

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Exfoliation: For fresh and radiant skin

Natural alternatives to plastic-based scrub particles – new flyer!

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New NATRUE Raw Material Database

Raw Material data base Natrue

This is a big step forward and simplifies the existing process.

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IMPABOOST – boosted efficiency for equally high bioreduction

You will find more details in our new brochure.

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Swimming pool season: Are you ready when it starts again?

Swimming Pool Chemicals

We are ready to support you even if the swimming pool season opens at short…

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A Multifacetted Challenge and Not all Plastics are Equal

Plastics categorized

We are happy to present two new flyers for our concept "Disconnect from…

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Chlorates in Swimming Pool Water: not desirable

Chlorates in Pool Water

Article in the Swiss VHF-GSK-Bulletin; Article 01/2020

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Focus on Personal Care: IMPAG Blog

IMPAG Blog with Personal Care content

Check out the IMPAG Blog!

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Raw materials for disinfectants

Disinfectants are sought after

Two raw materials which are perfectly suited for the formulation of…

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Titanium dioxide: INEOS Pigments is new IMPAG Partner

Distribution of Titanium dioxide in Switerland and Liechtenstein 

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Disconnect from Plastics: Introductory Video!

Let our introductory video about our new concept inspire you!  

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Are you currently looking for active ingredients to produce disinfectants?

Active ingredients for disinfectant production available at IMPAG.

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Allyl Polyalkylene Glycols – GEO Specialty Chemicals expands its product portfolio

GEO Specialty Chemicals expands its product portfolio

Our partner GEO SC is continually expanding its range of Bisomer Allyl PAGs.

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MIT-free cleaning agents

MIT-free cleaning agents

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) will be subject to new labelling requirements.

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Updated plasticizer catalogue

Plasticizer available at IMPAG AG

IMPAG has plasticizers for diverse applications in its range. 

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Supply Chain Update in the Context of Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The current pandemic and the associated state of emergency is a challenge for…

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in-cosmetics 2020 has been postponed to 6 – 8 October 2020

in-cosmetics postponed

We are already working on digital ways to spark your inspiration. Stay tuned!

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LOXIOL G 19 – A new combo-lubricant for PVC-U applications

PVC-U applications

An attractively priced alternative to 12-hydroxy stearic acid

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Biochek 722 – Preservatives without Isothiazolinone

DBDCB Alternative

DBDCB as a future-proof alternative to isothiazolinones

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Our range of diols and triols

Synthesis building blocks

1,3-Propandiol, 1,5-Pentandiol, 1,6-Hexandiol and 1,1,1-Trimethylolpropan

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Warehouse project

Expanding our storage facilities

Expansion of our warehouse in Rothrist – expands our range and our possibilities

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Pharma Catalogue 2020

News Catalogue Pharma 2020

Our new catalogue 2020 is now available. 

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Cataloge Basic Chemicals 2020

Range of Basic Chemicals

We are happy to present our new Basic Chemicals Catalogue 2020 (German)

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Moving review of Anniversary Year

film review

What a team – together unique!

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New supply partner Ceramisphere

Innovative and environmentally friendly anticorrosion system.

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New «BIO Knospe» Certificate (organic)


The new certificates are online!

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The new chemworld 2019 is now available!

IMPAG turns 100 – Here's to another century of success

Read more about our new chemworld 2019.

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Beautycare 2019

Our new Beautycare 2019 is now available and reports on the trend «Beauty…

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Light stabilizers new from IMPAG

Light stabilizing additives

Stabilizers are used for material protection just about everywhere in the world…

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NEW: COSMOS certified Naturescrubs

New Naturescrubs Versions

Public perception and condemnation of plastic waste in oceans, rivers and nature…

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IMPAG receives silver status from Ecovadis

Ecovadis Silver Status

IMPAG Group has been awarded silver status by EcoVadis in recognition of its…

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Colouring foods: specialist article in German

Colouring foods are widley used

Colouring foods provide confectionery with attractive colours

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New at IMPAG: Heparin API grade


For topical and intravenous applications with DMF and CEP

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High demand for vegetable proteins

As part of the strong vegan trend, vegetable protein sources are in higher… Read more

IRB-Pristinizer won two awards at In-Cosmetics 2016

The anti-pollution active of our partner IBR Ltd. won the “Green Ingredient… Read more

Hardeners for Epoxide Systems: Our new supply partner BB Resins

BB Resins produces amine-based and polyamine-based hardeners as well as…
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Sustainable Coconut Oil

Partnership of GIZ, BASF and Cargill promotes the world’s first production of… Read more