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Public Pool Chemicals

Water care products for public swimming pools!

Chemicals for Public Pools

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Szymon Stepien
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All about swimming pools

Water care products

for public swimming pools!

As an innovative, independent Swiss company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, we have been serving the industry with our raw materials since 1919.

Numerous public swimming pool managers throughout Switzerland have been relying on our reliable, flexible service for years and purchase their various swimming pool chemicals from us.

Products for disinfection, pH correction and filtration.  

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You too can benefit from our expertise.

Swimming pool water treatment

Various products are used for the treatment of swimming pool water.

Chlorine granulate: We have been supplying Japanese chlorine granulate from Nankai Soda for years. In addition to this outstanding standard chlorine granulate, we also sell the premium brand DELPHIN Chlor HC granulate, which is well known in the Swiss public swimming pool market. 

Acids and alkalis:  IMPAG is the exclusive distribution partner of the only Swiss manufacturer of sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda and Javel, the acid factory CABB in Pratteln. Our strengths are a comprehensive value chain in Switzerland, short transport routes, fresh produce and competitive offers. 

FlocculantsIMPAG is the Swiss distributor of Kurita and Venator for polyaluminium chloride flocculants (PAC). 

Activated carbonWe would also be pleased to supply you with moistened, dust-free activated carbon powder for chloramine reduction in diatomaceous earth precoat filtration and moulded carbon pellets for residual ozone destruction in the gaseous phase in the indoor swimming pool.

Seminar "Public Swimming Pools"

The IMPAG Swimming Pool Seminar took place this year on April 3rd!

The seminar offers an ideal platform for pool attendants and pool managers to further educate themselves, be up to date and exchange ideas.

Three different chemical experiments were shown at the seminar. One of them we filmed and processed: Experiment chlorine gas development.