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Andrea Nini

Andrea Nini

Customer Service / In-Company Trainer

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Accompanying apprentices along the way

Accompanying, supporting and encouraging is part of Andrea's everyday life. As a vocational trainer, he passes on his knowledge to our apprentices.

"Vocational training allows me to work with young people, to constantly rethink my approaches and to adapt to change," says Andrea.

Trust, honesty and discipline are values that Andrea wants to pass on to the young people in the apprenticeship. "In our fast-paced working world, it is important to be able to rely on your team," Andrea says. 

Apprentices are an enrichment for our entire company and we enjoy accompanying the young adults in their learning process.

Jonas Glutz, commercial apprentice, 3rd year of apprenticeship

Sunny sides of my apprenticeship
At IMPAG AG, I enjoyed a very friendly and helpful atmosphere right from the start. I was accepted with open arms on the first day and was able to integrate well into the team. The apprenticeship as a commercial clerk suits my abilities and interests. Because of the diversity, I always have variety and don't always have to do the same activities.

Downsides of my apprenticeship
During an apprenticeship as a merchant, you often sit in front of the computer, so you might get tired eyes and headaches. Sport is therefore a good compensation after a working day. I myself play football in the club and go to the gym. 

Why did you decide to do this apprenticeship?
Since my father works in a commercial profession, I came into contact with the profession at an early age. During the various trial apprenticeships, IMPAG AG was able to convince me right from the start with its friendly and open manner. On the taster day, I was able to get a closer look at the world of a commercial apprenticeship. I really liked it and decided to do this apprenticeship.


Simona Adamcikova, commercial apprentice, 2nd year of apprenticeship

Why did you decide to do this apprenticeship?
I was interested in handling the different business and that IMPAG AG was open to any questions you had. Another part was the work at the reception and communicating with customers. Lastly, the working atmosphere, very pleasant and everyone knows everyone.

What has been the greatest success of your apprenticeship so far?
Adapting to the apprenticeship, i.e. finding a balance between school, work and certainly my free time, which I managed well after two months. Another success would be that I can already support my work colleagues as a full member.

Would you do the apprenticeship again?
I would absolutely decide to do the apprenticeship at IMPAG again. I am very happy that I decided to do the apprenticeship at IMPAG AG and that I got the job.


Vincent Landwehr, commercial apprentice, 1st year of apprenticeship

Why did you choose this apprenticeship?
I decided in favour of this apprenticeship because the KV provides me with a good basic education. And because I can do the vocational baccalaureate 2 after the apprenticeship.

What would you like to do after your apprenticeship?
After the apprenticeship, I would first like to complete the military and do the BM2. After that, I would like to travel and study. And continue to pursue my hobbies.

Which of your hobbies or qualities also help you in your job?
I enjoy socialising and communicating, which makes customer contact easier for me. I also have good stamina thanks to my fitness