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Marco Shibli

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Urea-based solutions for reducing nitrogen oxides

The reduction of nitrogen oxides in the presence of urea has two meanings: reducing the amount of harmful nitrogenous compounds and, in chemical terms, the action of urea as…


Calcium chloride

It is used as a de-icing agent on roads, where calcium chloride is the most effective agent at very low temperatures.


Sölker Marble – A mineral from the primordial ocean

Sölker marble, unlike conventional marble, has a very high primary hardness.


Sodium sulphate (Na2SO4)

The LENZING™ sodium sulphate produced by Lenzing AG meets the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia and is approved in the EU as a food additive under the number E 514 without…


Mineral raw materials and fillers

We are happy to present our current portfolio of mineral raw materials!


Surface tension - challenge and opportunity at the same time

Trichloroethylene has been used to clean metal parts coated with oil-based lubricants for about 90 years.