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Calcium chloride

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Calcium chloride

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Calcium chloride is a chloride of the alkaline earth metal calcium. It is used as a de-icing agent on roads, where calcium chloride is the most effective agent at very low temperatures.

Furthermore, it is used in the chemical industry as a concrete accelerator or dust binder. Due to its exothermic effect, it is also used as an antifreeze agent. Other applications include the dewatering of used oil, in petrochemistry, or in wastewater treatment.

Calcium chloride is approved for use in the food industry as a firming agent, flavor enhancer, and stabilizer and is used, among other things, in the production of jams, jellies, compotes, fruits and vegetables, as well as in milk and cheese processing.

If fruits or salads are washed with a calcium chloride solution after cutting, the cells at the cut edges will close. This way, the colors and freshness of the products are preserved, and the pieces become more stable.

Calcium chloride is also used as a coagulant for protein in the production of tofu or artificial caviar.

We offer calcium chloride in technical or food-grade quality in our range. We look forward to your inquiries.


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