Sustainable raw materials in Performance Chemicals Sustainable raw materials in Performance Chemicals
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Sustainable raw materials in Performance Chemicals

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Sustainable raw materials in Performance Chemicals

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Biobased raw materials are a key element in the green transformation of the chemical industry. 

For turning them into sustainable products, there are two approaches: drop-in and innovation. The main premise of both of these approaches is at least to maintain the familiar performance or ideally to improve it. 

Drop-in solutions can replace petrochemical raw materials 1:1. A big advantage is that established processes remain unchanged, and this option is easier to implement.

This is a popular approach at the beginning of the value chain, starting from base chemicals, for example.

In comparison, the innovation approach requires greater effort, but the results promise unique market advantages by securing an innovative lead. 

Methods like life cycle assessments, product carbon footprints, and greenhouse gas balancing make the impact of substitution measurable, meaning the impact can be evaluated and communicated as part of the public image.

It also influences the CO2 footprint with regard to the entire supply chain.
Regional supply ensures further resilience of the supply chain: products from Europe can not only be independent of global shake-ups, but can also promote regional coherence and reduce CO2

HOBUM offers products from renewable raw materials, sourced regionally and under controlled growing conditions, which provide added value by combining performance with sustainability:

  • Their neo product line, e.g. Merginat neo and Merginol neo, is produced from European soy bean oil.
  • Their RT product line, from RTRS-certified soy bean oil, is based on responsible trade in a global supply chain. 

You can find more information about the HOBUM range in the following focus report

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