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Florian Gitzelmann

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What film-forming amines do for the life span of your systems

Create more process stability and plant safety without additional expense. Film-forming amines are an excellent choice for almost all materials.


Cellulose fibres – our contribution to sustainable road construction!

The cellulose fibres processed into pellets are manufactured specifically for use in asphalt road construction and are free of bituminous or modifying additives.


Unique surfaces with sustainable fibres

When "scratching the surface" gains a new meaning.


The new Preventol®+ / Preventol® Pure+ product line from LANXESS MPP

New: increase the sustainability of formulas in three stages.


Titanates and Zirconates in Compounds

Silanes are very commonly used for coupling fillers with polymers. Yet, their range of applications is in fact very limited (e.g. ATH, MDH). 


Green and economically priced alternatives to AMP

CODIS™ 95 & CODIS™ BIO are powerful amines.


Iron oxide – from classic to speciality!

Economic and technical advantages thanks to high quality alternatives to leading iron oxide producers.


Sustainable raw materials in Performance Chemicals

A comparison of various approaches, and how HOBUM offers added value with biobased raw materials.


"Cool Roofing" with expanded hollow microspheres

Highly elastic, sun-reflecting coatings with expanded hollow microspheres.


Polyols from renewable raw materials: powerful and environmentally friendly

These polyols are based on a wide variety of vegetable oils, modified and tailored to the respective application.


IMPAHEAT — High performance pigments

High-temperature coatings are needed to protect all kinds of metal surfaces against oxidation over very long times.


Tailored fillers for CASE and plastics manufacture

Now from Hoffmann Mineral: Gloxil iM16K A, Gloxil SF 91 A, Gloxil WW SL, and Struktosil 45 AM.